Skin Care Routine For Combination Skin


All of us have a dominating skin type. Some of us may feel that environmental factors such as climate changes and rise, or internal changes like hormonal movements and age natural movement affect our skin type. So, we should pick up the right skincare product according to our skin type. We should also take part in a customary skin care routine to keep our skin well, secure, and agile.

Combination Skin

Combination Skin

Combination skin is the combo of two essential skin types, oily and dry skin. Generally, it is the characteristic of skin that is oily on the nose, chin, and forehead. Combination skin is also called the T zone. However, it is dry somewhere else, similar to the cheeks and along the jaw.

When someone has combination skin, it means that he/she needs to develop a beauty routine that can handle multiple issues simultaneously. He has to see the fair compromise between an oily as well as a dry skin care routine. It may be difficult for him/her because they have to apply more than one skincare product before finding a key that works.

Causes of Combination Skin

Causes of Combination Skin

Different factors affect the skin type; however, hereditary plays an important role in detecting the exact skin type. But it is not the only factor. There are different other things to impact skin type like ecological pollutants, physical stress, and hormone motions. Moreover, when someone uses the wrong product against his skin type, he could be unknowingly aggravating your issues. 

Hence, it’s imperative to explore different skincare products, as there’s no “be all, end all” solution for combo skin type. You have two skin types on one face. That’s why you need to deal with both types appropriately for your sound skin to remain well-adjusted and energetic.

Signs of Combination Skin

Signs of Combination Skin

Combination skin implies that even after washing your face, you may see some oiliness in your T zone parts that fly back up as along the day. When you use a cream, you most likely feel you need to spot those parts with abundant facial oil regularly.

Sometimes, you may also see undesirable shining along the T zone and find that when you get hot, that is the part you truly begin to sweat. Combo skin individuals can also get both sketchy zones of dry skin and breakouts, particularly when they are not applying the exact skincare product on the exact parts.

Best Skin care routine for combination skin with acne

1- Softly Clean Your Face – Daily skin care routine at home

Softly Clean Your Face - Daily skin care routine at home

Start each healthy skin routine with cleansing. The cleanser will change your face into a fresh start, prepared to take on the world. In the night, your face has an opportunity to make pollutants and produce extra oil. A morning schedule that begins with a gentle cleaning plays an important role in getting rid of those pollutants and setting up your face for the next step in your skincare routine. 

In the evening, it is good to do double cleansing by using an oil cleanser first. It will help you to eliminate dirt and toxins collected on your skin all day. Moreover, it will also help you to remove cosmetics and any remaining sunscreen.

Now back up to your regular facial cleanser. Try to use a foaming cleanser rather than the gel cleanser. However, Cream cleaning or cleansing lotion will give extraordinary results for both combo skin types.

2- Softly Exfoliate Your Face

Softly Exfoliate Your Face

A soft exfoliator is incredible for unclog pores and eliminate dead skin cells. However, when someone uses that too strictly, he will refute any positive outcomes and trigger extra irritation. A consistent exfoliation practice also helps to boost cell turnover. Hence, you will get smooth skin. It’s ideal for exfoliating in the first part of the day and sticks to only 1-3 times weekly.

3- Apply An Essence, Booster, And Serum

Apply An Essence, Booster, And Serum

Skin boosters and essences help give your skin an additional increase in nourishment and hydration to support and balance your skin’s hindrance. Fortifying your skin’s stable block prepares it to stand firm against natural nuisances and poisons. Serums are ordinarily used to target something particular, like irritation and little lines. They truly help to change your beauty schedule.

4- Apply An Eye Cream – Skin care routine

Apply An Eye Cream - Skin care routine 

The skin around your eyes is incredibly fragile and defenseless against the threat. Eye cream is important to nourish and hydrate to reduce fine lines’ indications and mature, control dryness, and dark and unattractive circles. Moreover, you shouldn’t rub too hard while applying it. 

5- Apply A Moisturizer – Simple skin care routine for combination skin

Apply A Moisturizer - Simple skin care routine for combination skin

To moisture, a combo skin is not an easy task either it is tricky. You cannot apply anything excessively, as it will just enhance the brightness in your T zone. You also need to ensure the drier parts of your skin are getting a lot of hydration. Moreover, you should apply a lightweight cream during the day. In the evening, apply a calming serum or a gel lotion stuffed with cancer prevention agents and different treats for your skin to flourish.

6- Don’t Forget the SPF

dont forget SPF

You are shielding yourself from sun damage and assists in removing the aging signs. When you can’t quit maturing, you can age elegantly. For combo skin safety, search for recipes that are lightweight and have a matte completion. A colored cream with SPF of at any rate SPF 30 or higher is awesome when someone needs a brilliant shining while yet securing your face.

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