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How To Take Care Of Your Body Skin

How To Take Care Of Your Body Skin

Skincare refers to the practice done for getting more healthy, fresh, and glowing skin. Healthy practice results in healthy and beautiful skin. To take proper care of your skin, you must know your skin type. Maybe you have very sensitive, oily, or dry skin. But it is more important to know your skin type than knowing your skin condition. Knowledge about your type of skin can surely help you to choose cosmetic products according to your skin.

In this article, we will discuss your skin type and help you to take good care of your skin by yourself at home. If you just adopt a routine of skincare, it will boost the health of your skin and enhance beauty. There are four steps that everyone should follow to get beautiful glowing skin. You can follow these steps in the morning and repeat them before sleeping.

How to take care of your skin in your 50s

1- Do cleaning

Do cleaning

Select a suitable and quality cleanser. You must use products that have no side effects on your skin. If the condition of your skin is dry then use the cleanser once a day. Don’t apply too much makeup. Use the cleanser only that keeps your skin moist and never feels stretched after washing your face.  

2- Apply serum

Apply serum

Be careful while applying serums. Check the ingredients list before selecting a serum. A serum that has peptides or growth promoters and vitamin C leaves better results. These serums must be used in the early morning before applying sunscreen. Retinol is best for nighttime.

3- Use moisturizer

Use moisturizer

There is no fact in the statement that only dry skin needs moisturizers. The oily type also requires moisturizers for healthy skin. But if you have oily skin and you are going to apply a moisturizer then choose a lightweight moisturizer. Gel-like moisturizer is good for oily skin because it does not close open pores. If you are facing a dry skin issue then apply a creamier moisturizer. It will keep your skin moist for the whole day.

4- Use sunscreen

Use sunscreen

Sunscreen helps to protect your skin from sunburns. Use any good quality sunscreen before 15 minutes of going out. Because sunscreen needs some time for activation. Dark skin needs more care and must use sunscreen frequently.

Take a view of the labels or ingredients list before buying a product for your skin. Make sure to select the caring products that have positive customer reviews and fit your skin tone. Apply the product in a little amount to check the reaction. Test the new skin products before using them daily, if your skin is sensitive. The product that has retinol must be applied only during nighttime.

Here we have explained very simple steps to check products.

  • Take a little quantity of a product and apply it to hidden skin parts like the inner wrist, or inner arm.
  • 48 hours are enough to check the side effects.
  • Check it again after 96 hours and examine the experimental area if there are late reactions.

You may face itching, irritation, or redness. If there is any reaction to the product then wash your skin quickly and carefully.  

4 steps for Daily skincare routine at home

4 steps for Daily skincare routine at home

Simple skincare hacks that can be followed at home:

  1. Drink water frequently.
  2. Change the cover of your pillow every week.
  3. Wrap your hair before going to bed.
  4. Use moisturizer and cleansers to make your skin clear from dirt.
  5. Use skincare while going outside.

10 ways of caring for the skin

10 ways of caring for the skin

If you have no time to care for your skin properly, then adopt simple and healthy measures that boost skin health.

  1. The first important thing is to protect your skin from direct sun exposure and use clothes that cover most of the body parts. Smoking is a major source that leans you towards ageing and other health issues.
  2. To get fresh and beautiful skin, avoid smoking. When someone smokes frequently, he or she invites wrinkles and looks older. People have the misconception that smoking can cause cancer and other related fatal diseases. But people must be aware that smoking causes negative effects from the hair of your head to the toe of your feet. It damages and depresses the tiny vessels of blood present in the outer skin layer. Damage vessels stop supplying blood to a layer of skin which results in pale skin. Smoking also blocks the supply of nutrients and oxygen needs for healthy skin. It also destroys the elastin and collagen fibres that make your skin strong, elastic, and healthier.
  3. Be gentle with your skin.
  4. Don’t use soaps and face wash that has a strong chemical in their composition.
  5. Avoid long and hot showers because when you bath for a long time, water removes essential skin oils. It makes the skin rough, stretched, and dry.
  6. Use a sufficient amount of shaving gel or creams to protect your skin. Use a sharp and clean razor and use it carefully to avoid cutting.
  7. Don’t rub your skin rough after washing. Blot or pat it gently.
  8. Eat a limited amount of food. Make your diet plan and add all healthy food contents that protect your skin. Avoid low-quality fats because they immediately cause acne and pimples.
  9. Use water in high quantities to hydrate your skin.
  10. Don’t take too much stress because it is unhealthy for your whole body. Take some steps to control your stress. Sleep well and go for a walk because it promotes your health.

All these steps don’t take too much time. You can follow them in your daily routine, and you will surely see a lot of changes in your whole physical state.

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Use a toner

Skincare Routine Steps

Skincare Routine Steps

Skin is the most prominent organ of humans. So it needs more care and treatment. There are different easy methods that you can adapt quickly to make your skin more beautiful. Daily maintenance of your skin prevents germs, dust, and harmful rays. You are undoubtedly aware of your skin and its type. So you need to take some beneficial steps to get flawless, fresh, and beautiful skin. We will provide you guidelines about the proper and healthy care routine to protect and nourish your skin.

You may have some questions that are commonly asked by people who start their skincare routine. In this, we will discuss and guide you to choose the best product that suits your skin. We will also share with you the process to apply the skincare products properly. Dermatologists usually recommend a method of three steps that includes cleansing, treatment, and moisturization.

Cleansing and hydrating, or moisturizing your skin are the simplest steps that everybody knows. Treatment is an unfamiliar step that everyone should know according to their skin type. Treatment includes some kind of special serums that contain all the healthy remedies necessary for proper care of your skin. These remedies include alpha hydroxy acid, vitamin C, retinol, and other different ingredients. It is beneficial to treat your skin with natural products after cleansing and before moisturizing.

Morning skincare routine steps

  • Do Cleansing

Do Cleansing

Gently massage your skin with a good quality natural and organic cleanser. Never use a harsh cleanser as it may give rashes and redness. A powerful cleaner can also remove essential oil from your skin. So use only a soothing cleanser.

  • Use Toner – skincare routine

Use Toner - skincare routine

Apply toner to balance the PH of your skin. Salicylic acid is the essential ingredient that must be included in your toner. It is best for the treatment of acne and pimples.

  • Vitamin C

Vitamin C

Use vitamin C on your skin in the form of serum. You can use it at any age. Vitamin C helps to cure the damaged cells. It also heals sunburns and the harmful effects of pollution.

  • Use Moisturizer

Use Moisturizer

Must apply moisturizer for adequate hydration. Hydration gives your skin strength to fight bacteria and other harms.

  • Apply Sunblock

Apply Sunblock

It is an essential step for the health of your skin. Must use a quality sunblock to protect your skin. Apply sunscreen at least 15 minutes before going out because it takes some time for activation. Sunblock is also essential to protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays.  

Night skin care routine steps

Night skin care routine steps

Many people think that skin needs no care or treatment at night as it gets refreshed after a good sleep. But we recommend you to make a night schedule as well. Our skin works to heal and repair the skin cells during sleep, so it needs more ingredients and nourishment. At night all steps repeat again but in a different arrangement.

  • Do Cleansing

Apply the good quality natural cleanser according to your skin and massage your skin with the cleanser gently. Cleanser not only used to remove dust and dirt, but it can also help as a makeup remover. If your skin requires more cleaning, then apply a cleanser two times.

  • Use Toner

Before using any treatment cream, gel, or serum, use toner to give your skin moisture.

  • Treatment – skincare routine

Alpha hydroxy acid is the best product that can help you to heal your skin. You can use it at night because it removes dead cells and brightens your skin. It repairs collagen fibers and improves further development of these fibers. Retinol is another treatment product that can give the best results at night. Retinol works as a vitamin A and helps to fade wrinkles, reduce pores, and decrease acne spots. You can use it in your 20s as it is stable to use at any age and skin type. But in the 40s and 50s, try to use it frequently because it also reduces aging impacts on your skin.

  • Cream for eyes to reduce dark circles and wrinkles

Cream for eyes to reduce dark circles and wrinkles

Apply a good quality serum around your eyes and make it capable of accepting and tolerating treatment products. It is beneficial for your eyes. After that, apply a thin layer of edible and quality eye cream around your eyes.

  • Treatment of acne spots and marks – Daily skin care routine at home

Treatment of acne spots and marks - Daily skin care routine at home

You should use some treatment gels or creams if facing pimples. It is the best time to remove your spots without leaving a permanent scratch. In the case of the pimple, don’t stop your daily routine of skincare. If you only focus on the pimple and stop the caring routine, it will promote the pimples breakout.

  • Use Moisturizer – skincare routine

It is essential to moisturize your skin at night. It gives hydration to your skin and gives a glow.

Skincare routine for combination skin

Skincare routine for combination skin

  • Combination skin also needs the same steps that we discussed above.
  • Use a cleanser to clean your face. Remove the dead skin.
  • Use a moisturizing serum as combination skin has both dry and oily types. So, use two kinds of moisturizer. Creamy moisturizer is best for dry parts and lightweight for oily skin.
  • Avoid touching your skin when you find that you have combination skin.
  • Remove the extra oil from your skin. Use sunblock before getting out.
  • Remain in shady places.
  • Use a face mask.
  • Also, take care of your eyes.
  • Use aloe Vera to treat your skin. It is a healthy and natural ingredient that has no risk for your skin. 

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